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Institutional Research provides data analyses, reports, and services covering a wide range of topics, including accreditation, campus population, enrollment, faculty workload, and instructional space utilization.


Enrollment refers to students who have been admitted to the university, paid fees, and enrolled in classes.

The two primary ways of counting enrolled students are counting individuals via headcount (HC) and counting the student workload through the amount of units via full-time equivalent (FTE). The FTE assumptions are 15 quarterly units per undergraduate (45 per year) and 12 quarterly units per graduate student (36 per year). The units measure weekly credit-hours and are recorded at the end of the third week of instruction.

Quarterly Student HC (FWS, 3QA) and Annual FTE



Instructional workload analysis focuses on student credit-hours (SCH). SCH may be examined from the perspective of faculty workload (the amount of student credit-hours an instructor teaches) and student workload (the amount of credit-hours a student attends class).

2014-15 Instructional Workload Summary

Faculty Workload Data Warehouse - secure website

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Classroom Utilization

Seating Charts and Details on ACMS


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