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Institutional Research Goals

Foster Informed Decision-Making Through Collaborative Analytics

  • We promote a collaborative approach to support data-informed and student-centered decision-making.

Model Equity-Driven Research Practices

  • We are dedicated to integrating equity principles into every facet of our work to deliver impactful insights that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, fostering a more equitable and inclusive university.

Provide Accurate and Timely Analyses to our Campus Partners

  • We commit to ensuring the highest standards of data accuracy and reporting to support responsible decision-making.

Advance a Culture of Privacy-Oriented & Ethical Data Use

  • We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality for faculty, staff, and students and campus partners through continuous monitoring and improvement of policies and procedures in alignment with the campus’s robust privacy protection framework.

Cultivate Campus-wide Data Literacy for Responsible Data Use

  • We work with campus partners to establish foundational data literacy to empower all campus employees with the skills to think critically about and effectively utilize campus data in their respective roles.