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Student Success Research & Analytics

Browse our dashboards with data on student enrollment and degree counts, graduation rates, and graduate admissions and initial placement information. Filter the data by school, major department, college, race/ethnicity, gender, first generation, and other student characteristics, as applicable.


Student Surveys

Five to ten official UC San Diego surveys are administered to students each year with the goal of better understanding all aspects of the student experience and what constitutes and contributes to student success. Discover students' perspectives on their academic experiences and campus life.


Equity Research & Analytics

Equity Research & Analytics Team supports the university through original research and data analysis, fostering a culture of data-informed decision-making with equity at the heart of considerations. Learn more about team's work and collaborations.

Equity Analytics

Campus Decision Support

As a part of the Executive Vice Chancellor team, we directly support Academic Affairs, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Student Affairs, as well as the campus at-large. To find reports covering a wide range of topics, including accreditation, faculty workload, department resource profiles, and instructional space utilization, sign-in with your single sign-on credentials.

Decision Support

More Data Resources

UC San Diego student and employee data are reported by a number of departments. If you have not found what you wanted on our website, you may find it through our data partners, which include the UC Information Center, Teaching&Learning Commons, Student Affairs AEOD, Graduate and Undergraduate Divisions, and Colleges.

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