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Equity Research & Analytics Team


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  • Kristine Kilanski, Ph.D.

    Kristine Kilanski, Ph.D.

    Director of Equity Research & Analytics

    Dr. Kristine Kilanski (she/her/hers) is a data scientist and sociologist with more than 15 years of progressive experience using quantitative and qualitative data to inform action towards creating more efficient, effective, and equitable institutions. Dr. Kilanski joined UC San Diego in 2020, and leads multiple campus-wide research initiatives. She provides campus and system-wide thought leadership around institutional data collection and use, and is an advocate for innovative, collaborative, privacy-oriented and equity-minded data analytics and assessment practices. Dr. Kilanski received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology, with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. A perfect day in San Diego includes taking the dogs to the beach and visiting her favorite orangutan at the San Diego Zoo. On weekends you are most likely to find her exploring the local deserts and mountains.

  • Victoria Couch, Ph.D.

    Victoria Couch, Ph.D.

    Institutional Research Analyst

    Dr. Victoria Couch (she/her) joined UC San Diego in 2021. She supports an array of projects and initiatives within the team but specializes in employment data. Her background is in campus climate research and engaging quant-criticalist modes of inquiry. Dr. Couch received her Ph.D. in Higher Education & Organizational Change from the University of California, Los Angeles and her M.A. in Postsecondary Educational Leadership & Student Affairs from San Diego State University.  Outside of work, she enjoys spoiling her dog, watching the Real Housewives, and delivering groceries for a local mutual aid group.

  • Elizabeth Jimenez Perez, M.A.

    Elizabeth Jimenez Perez, M.A.

    Institutional Research Analyst

    Elizabeth Jimenez Perez (She/Her) is a first-generation, higher education professional of color, her efforts are fueled by the communities she serves and identifies with. Elizabeth brings forth a student-centered approach and commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Her background is in examining the systems, structures, and practices within higher education that hinder racial equity. Elizabeth joined UC San Diego as a Graduate Assistant in 2019, working with the Chancellor's Associates Scholars Program (CASP) and the Office of Assessment Evaluation and Organizational Development (AEOD) in Student Affairs. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys going to the beach, playing with her kitten PanchiLu, and dancing cumbias or banda.